Yang Penting Posting

2, July, 2002

Selasa pagi pukul 9:21 WIB pada tanggal 2 Juli 2002 saya kebingungan mau posting apa yah… 🙂


Identity is an essential aspect of human interaction. Human interaction is expressed in communication that takes place in the exchange of meanings that are shared by people. How then should the existence of an anonymous communicator on the Internet be considered in this era of cyberspace?How do we treat information coming from someone we have never met or whose voice we have never heard? Such questions have come under focused discussions following the popularity of Internet use: a top-of-the-line computer; technologically smart human users; and a worldwide network.

There are millions of people who surf the Internet every day, either to just browse and look for information or to send messages to colleagues in the rest of the world. Individual Internet users often want to keep their own identities anonymous and the features of the Internet help them to do that.

Why should anonymity in the Internet be accepted?

The Internet should be seen as more than a computer network and accessories. It should be seen as a real experience that is virtually transformed into cyber space. The Internet is not just a media or tool: its users are real human beings. Anonymity is just one method used for special purposes.

The shaping of a virtual community, including virtual anonymity, should be encouraged. In terms of cyber law, this sub-community should be accommodated because whether we like it or not, it will continue.

Accepting the anonymity of an e-mail sender or chatting attendant is not too much of a problem compared to anonymity situations to come such as the existence of tele-presence. That’s it!